Cult of Orpheus establishes LLC for Publishing, Production

Cult of Orpheus has filed articles to form an LLC in the State of Washington, as a business focused on music publishing and production.

Company History

The company was originally founded in 2013 as a sole proprietorship by composer C. A. Corbell, mainly as a live music production vehicle for his lyrical music compositions, which include vocal music and opera. In 2018 the group became a record label as well, producing two full-length recordings that year, Sacred Works I: The Emerald Tablet and Viva’s Holiday: An Opera in One Act. The company also continued to produce many live concerts, which were non-profit endeavors operating under fiscal sponsorship. Productions were suspended during the pandemic, which also saw Corbell relocate from Portland to Washougal, Washington.

Resurgence and Expanded Focus

With the re-formation as a music publishing and production company, the work of Cult of Orpheus will be broadened to include publication of lyrical, poetic music by other living composers (in addition to the founder’s music). In 2024 Cult of Orpheus will return to occasional live concert production, but the focus of the company will be licensing and publishing of original music. There are also some innovative new product lines planned, so stay tuned!

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